Important now is Pluto. It returns to where it was at the birth of the US (a 240 year cycle) at 27 degrees of Cancer (2020-2022)

Pluto is associated with renewal but after revealing and unearthing of past transgressions. (Kinda like a colonic)

For the US, transgressions have been many, Of course there is slavery, but also racism, sexism, misogyny, income equality and the greed of international exploitation.  These things coming for exposure is likely to bring turbulence, including economic, and also show us the beginning of what a renewal might look like.  Note the new sounds about ‘reparations’ for the descendants of slavery.

Forces of the ‘powers that be’ begin to rise as the forces of the masses threaten. The rise of autocratic influence increases to the danger point; even the most long-standing checks and controls seem powerless against them.

This Pluto return took about 240 years- about the age of the US. The exact return is at 27 degrees of Cancer- in 2022- but is already within orb and is actively pressing down.

It is important because the strength of this is more than we would naturally anticipate, so, ‘toughen up’. In the personal sense, we all have our own internal battles to persist with. What has challenged you for a long time?

Know that as you progress internally you participate in the progress and renewal of the world.