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There are times in life when we feel we are in a storm. It may feel like a fire storm, or a rain storm, or a wind storm, or an earthquake, or a tornado, or a tsunami. But one common element in these storms is their relentlessness. The potential is deep – as if there is no end – and full of mystery, as we try to navigate and survive forces beyond control. And when it is over, which might take some time, we are no longer the same.

These are common feelings amongst those experiencing major transits from Pluto to the Sun, the Moon, and the Rising Sign, (or Ascendant). So knowing when it will end is one of the first pieces of important information. There is an element of simplicity and focus to these periods; like when a person is very sick and only cares then about getting better and surviving – or a woman in labor who is only focused on the birth becoming an actuality. When in such a state of focus we must access our power; and Pluto is about power.

The power of an individual before a major Pluto transit is mere potential. It is underneath in the underworld of the ‘super being’, unconscious, unborn. After the Pluto transit the person is more consciously powerful.

The journey to embracing power has been ingenuously designed and orchestrated by our souls and higher selves. If it does not appear compassionate along the way it is ultimately and infinitely compassionate because the journey to power is designed to bring us to the knowing that we are not victims – we are creators!

The circumstances for this set up can be arranged in any area that has importance for us. Typically Pluto may make three passes over a sensitive point in the birth chart during a year or two time span. This varies a lot depending on the birth chart and transiting time. The first pass is direct motion, the second retrograde, the third, again direct*. The fact that a planet makes more than one pass to a point indicates that it is a process that is not over in a day. Different astrologers have different opinions on what is marked at each pass. But I would say that just before the transit, or at the first transit, we are victims to power outside ourselves in some way (described by the personal point being aspected). By the end of the last pass, our subconscious has delivered a match to that power – enabling us regain a sense of adequacy to the outside forces.

Pluto to the Sun transits are primary challenges to the identity, the ego, the vitality, and very existence of the individual. The striving for power or rulership may not be conscious but lies at the root of the evolution. There is a push in the form of either physical, emotional, or mental objectives. If these needs are unconscious or somehow repressed then a situation or personage will arise that subjugates one to a sense of powerlessness. Variations to this idea come with the specific aspect to the Sun. The opposition is the one more likely to present an opponent.

But the real activity of Pluto is regeneration. A characteristic of a ‘super being’ would be the ability to regenerate oneself. Out of the ashes comes the Phoenix, but getting to the ashes is the difficult ‘out of control’ part that comes with Pluto’s influence. Domination, as a theme, whether as a leader of men or a master of self, emerges as a natural and compulsory urge.

Yet while talking with someone experiencing a Pluto/Sun transit they may say they feel powerless. Ruthless struggles, while demanding so much attention, can disguise the creative and reformative force that is at work.

The conjunction is different from the opposition and both are different from the squares. The conjunction is about power of selfhood, the square is about power over one’s own conflicts, and the opposition is about power within relation (to others or the environment). Yet in all these situations it is to remember that things presented to us, pleasant or not, are there to trigger, stimulate and provoke, our unlimited force within that makes us masters.

The occurrence of three contacts with the Sun maps the process of the internalization of Pluto’s energy from a force unconscious to a force conscious and embraced. A person who has had three passes of Pluto conjunct the Sun may, upon the first pass be subject to the thread to survival, perhaps of health, or position. As uncomfortable as that may be, by the third pass they may have come to a realization of their eternal nature and have found an ‘ok’ ness, ‘regardless of circumstances’, thus internalizing power.

This process of repeated hits from Pluto when involving the ascendant can completely change one’s sense of identity and relation to their environment. Pluto contact with the Moon is extremely personal, emotional, primal, and instinctual, and may transform one’s very adaptive mechanisms. The role of emotional life becomes exposed and up for examination. Emotions can be overpowering. To the extent that emotions govern a person, Pluto’s transit to the Moon can be emotionally overpowering.

The goodness of Pluto comes from the transformation of unconscious negative residue into a more visible and useful potential self. For instance, a person with a Pluto conjunction to the Ascendant may have had a personality restricted by parental conditioning making them less themselves, less potent as they try to be something they are not, and what they are remains shy, unaccepted, secret, unknown, even to themselves. And after the passing of Pluto they have had to deal directly with this falseness, forcing the truth to the surface. Although this can be a painful process, the person will in the end have more access to unlimited power that is connected to the authentic self.


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