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Handling Uranus Transits in your Birth Chart


      According to ‘Abraham’, a group of non-physical beings channeled by Esther Hicks, our true nature as human beings is of “love, freedom, and joy”


“The basis of your life is Freedom. You exist in a state of absolute freedom, and everything that you experience is attracted by you. Self imposed. You are even free to attract bondage”.

 Uranus is the planet most associated with freedom. But what is freedom? Freedom from what? Do we experience ourselves as free? Apparently not. That is why Uranus is also associated with rebellion,  sudden upsets, and instability. For it seems as though stability and freedom do not always allow for each other. And as comfortable as the status quo can get, the human instinct for greater and freer expression is always outgrowing it.

Uranus governs our psychological function for freedom but it also carries with it the connotation of autonomy and self determination for all entities – states, countries, races, species, planets, galaxies, and universes. Governing the sign of Aquarius, it is apparent in these times of equal rights, animal rights, and worldwide rebellion , insurgencies, and coops.

Oftentimes Uranus transits accompany accidents, sudden cardiac arrest, losses, lightening strikes, natural disaster, uprisings, and wars. One might say these things do not seem to make us feel ‘free’. But what is emotional freedom? What is spiritual freedom? What kind of freedom are we truly drawn to?

To be ‘ok’ regardless of circumstances is not only our ultimate quest but our ultimate truth. It is what we are. We are free. This knowledge is the ‘universal mind’ and we all have it. In as much as we are dependant, or victims of circumstances, creature comforts, status quo, we will be moved, consciously, or unconsciously, toward our independence. And Uranus will be there, marking the time.

Managing Uranus transits

Consciousness makes a difference. Seeing a Uranus transit coming is knowing that change is not only coming but is necessary. Can we fight it? Yes. Can we cooperate? Yes. Usually it seems difficult to cooperate with because - why would we move out of our comfort zones if we did not have to? Were not forced to?

It gets easier with practice.

Some hints for managing Uranus aspects:

.Know where you are stuck! And be open to unexpected ways out.

Support  your nervous system. Uranus operates through the electrical and magnetic fields in the human body. When in an activated Uranus period a person’s nervous system can become over stimulated and over taxed. Nerves can become frayed. To support your nervous system you can use supplements, especially minerals, create a soothing environment with low lights, low noise, candle light (non-electric), soft colors, and soothing music. Since the heart beats with an electrical impulse, it too can be negatively affected by over stimulation. The worst case scenario being cardiac arrest.

Master your mind. Meditation is the most ideal way to achieve mind control but there are other ways. Positive affirmations, good mental boundaries, and information control can keep your mind from ‘running amuck’.  Allowing any and all thoughts into your mind can bring about nervous dysfunction and poor decision making. Uranus can bring great flashes of knowledge but there is no guarantee that what is so brilliantly realized is also right and appropriate.  As the saying goes, ‘There’s a fine line between genius and insanity’.

Ground yourself. Stay in your body and keep an awareness of your physical surroundings. Use practical tasks to help with grounding. Do outside work, especially with the ground, some gardening, yard work, or nature in general.

Avoid Risk taking and extreme sports. Although Uranus aspects can be useful for someone wanting to try something new, even a new sport, some caution and judgment is advisable. Studies have shown Uranus’ presence at the time of accidents, especially coupled with Mars, but really in many possible combinations, depending on other factors. Included in the ‘avoid risk taking’ category is avoiding radical decisions, especially if they involve great investment. And emotional decisions are included here too. Madly in love during Venus/Uranus aspects can pale into boredom after the aspects are gone.


The Good News: Taking advantage of the opportunity in Uranus aspects


Uranus is associated with flashes of insight and illumination, the proverbial, ‘light bulb’, and , as fast as lightening one might know the answer, see a solution, or get a flash of the future. This is because Uranus is a connection to the universal mind.


Some hints for getting the most out of Uranus aspects:

Write it down! (or sketch it)  Whether it be an idea, or a poem, a drawing, a plan, a strategy, or a ‘message’, or some creation – write it down! Throughout the duration of Uranus’ influence document all your ideas. Later you may look at them and see the genius (or insanity) in them. At least you will have them. Like lightening they can be gone as quickly as they came

Time your changes. If you are looking to change a job, relationship, or move, Uranus can help. Keeping in mind some of the cautions from above regarding impulsive actions, you can use the innate ‘rebel’ within you to make necessary breaks from the past or from unhealthy bonds you feel stuck in. Stand up for your rights- demand equality and fairness.

Receive the perfection of the present moment. Uranus does not care about the past, and surely does not care to preserve the past. Inherent in Uranus energy is the idea that each ‘now’ moment is perfect and complete. Perhaps this is why Uranus is said to rule Astrology – each moment deviates from any other previous moments and is therefore unpredictable. So although we can talk about astrology predictions these ‘predictions’ are actually best guesses – based on previous patters with some ‘new wrinkles’. This is why astrology predictions are so arbitrary.



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