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                                     Uranus square Pluto

Uranus in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn seven times from 2012 to 2015 in the degree range of 6-15 degrees.


Squares present conflicting, mutually exclusive desires. These desires remain exclusive of each other if only dealt with on the level originally experienced. For instance the desire for control (Capricorn) is mutually exclusive of a desire to treat others with equality (Libra). People who have these two signs in square in their birth charts have the challenge of trying to satisfy both desires. This brings conflict. The only resolution is to deal with these energies on a higher level, to ‘rise above’ and bring about some kind of internal compromise.

In the case of Aries and Capricorn, there is the need for freedom and self will of Aries and the need for security, safety, and collective force of tradition (Capricorn). This conflict is played out within the individual but also within socio-political structures around the world.

The question is can we all be free and all have enough?

The urge of Uranus in Aries is the urge for freedom and the right to create. The urge for Pluto in Capricorn is an urge to survive in the physical world. These two forces on the global scene can manifest in struggles over resources (survival) and freedom. Those who control resources affect a strong and powerful force to keep those resources. Coming from a deeply rooted fear about survival, those who ‘have’ fight to keep and those who ‘don’t have’ fight to get.

The question now becomes is there a way for humanity to have the freedom to create and also survive. Many individuals don’t do what they want in life because the necessity to attend to survival issues. Pluto governs money in the picture. Those with the money can be creative and free. This is not a new issue. What is different now is the perceived limited pile of resources left on earth.

Uranus reenters Aries on March 11, 2011 and is within orb of a square to Pluto all of 2011. The demands for freedom will be apparent. At the same time so will the signs of evolution. Then there are seven squares between 2012 and 2015.  Will we go over the top and lose patience with corruption, insist on reform, and expose the culprits?

Pluto in Capricorn reveals the misuse of power. Those who have amassed power have been able to do so, in terms of collective consciousness, because of those who are afraid of their own power. Corporations and government have been given power.  Pluto in Capricorn will challenge us to be in power over ourselves. A real resolution of this square as individuals is in finding the compromise inherent in the expression, ‘freedom through responsibility’.

Because this is a 'waxing' square between Uranus and Pluto Uranus is likely to win (astrologers' opinions differ). Change will prevail over the status quo. My guess is the new economy will tumble the corporation. The blame game starts to come to an end. Individual responsibility becomes more of the norm. Tradition and longstanding seats of power will experience a reduction of scope and influence. The rise of accountability will make it too difficult for institutions, namely corporations to flourish as they have in the past.

The history of past aspects between Uranus and Pluto that are similar suggest that these things will not be accomplished without a fight. It could be a rough road.

Times for the exact squares of Uranus to Pluto

6/23/12, 9/19/12, 5/20/13, 11/1/13, 4/21/14, 12/15/14, 3/16/15


From  THE COMBINATION OF STELLAR INFLUENCES, by Reinhold Ebertin, p.198:

The process of transformation. (The collapse of the old order of things, the construction of the new). Revolution.

Psychological Correspondence:

+ Restlessness, activlty, creative energy, the fight for the establishment of innovations and reforms, a strong awareness of purpose and of objective, mobility, creative power, untiring effort, endurance.

-Impatience, the tendency to scatter one's energies, fanaticism, one- sidedness, violence, precipitate action, the mania of destruction.

C- Daring and also foolhardiness, the tendency to strive for new things, extraordinary powers of creation and per ­formance.

Biological Correspondence:
Changes in the rhythm of biological processes. The relationship or connection between pulse and breathing. ­Fever spots (found very often with insane people capable of being healed).

Sociological Correspondence:
Pioneers, reformers, explorers, people who are very much out of the ordinary or who are endowed with universal genius.

P r'o b a b 1 e  Man i f est a t ion s :

   + The attainment of great objectives by an immense applIcation of effort, the bringing of new things into being, the creation of new conditions of living.

   -Acts of violence, upsets, subversive activities, putting the gun to someone's head, the enforcement of decisions, an accident.








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