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     Personal astrology readings by astrologer, Jesie Gallagher, are available by appointment and are recorded for your convenience This is confidential and professional analysis. Enjoy having a truly experienced eye, trained in the art of synthesis, focused on your chart - and the one-on-one time to discuss your questions and concerns.

     You may choose whether you would like your reading to be about you and your current trends, or about yourself in relationship, (a compatibility analysis between two charts) or even about a specific concern, like an ideal place to move, or the best day to have your wedding.

              Most readings fall into one of the following formats:




This consultation covers your birth horoscope and also an analysis of the current trends in your chart. The current trends include the next twelve months, analyzed with PROGRESSIONS AND TRANSITS, and also an overview of the past and future beyond this time in order to provide you more perspective. All areas of your life can be described from your birth chart; from personality and appearance, to your money, children, relationships, partnerships, career, friendships, your spirituality. Any areas of specific concern can receive special focus. Insights from your birth chart can help you to better understand yourself, talents, and abilities, as well as your conflicts, with a focus towards  integration. Insights from your progressions and transits for the current year can help you be prepared and to live your life more consciously.

90 minutes $150.00


This consultation involves the analysis of two individual horoscopes in order to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. Areas of discord are discussed with a focus toward mutual adjustment and areas of compatibility are highlighted. Whether it is a relationship between romantic partners, or between parent and child, employee and employer, or between business partners, or friends, the mutual astrological aspects between them can shed light on what is really going on. Understanding between people can come from a realistic grasp of who the person is, how they feel, what comes with difficulty for them, and what you may realistic expect from them.

90 minutes $150.00


This consultation is for the person who has previously had the COMBINATION HOROSCOPE. Again the current trends are analyzed for the next twelve months with an overview of past and future. There is less emphasis on the birth horoscope and more emphasis on the current developments.

90 minutes $150.00


This reading is designed for the person who has had a reading within the past 12 months and wishes to look deeper into the astrological influences of their current time in light of changes, decisions, and issues. Oftentime as the year passes and opportunities or challenges arrive, shedding light on the archetypal energies of the planets involved can be very helpful. This reading is usually scheduled for 1 hour.


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