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This report describes the changing astrological influences of various locations in the world as they relate to your birth chart. Different parts of the country, and the world, will tend to bring fruition, the different potentials of your birth. Some are better for finding love, others for furthering career (and maybe some for both!) You can choose 5 cities of interest and receive and analysis of each.



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Relocation Information Report for
Charles Lindbergh

February 4, 1902 2:30 AM

Detroit, Michigan

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
     Your Relocation Information Report is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun     14 Aqu 37               Saturn  21 Cap 43
Moon    25 Sag 54               Uranus  20 Sag 11
Mercury  2 Pis 51               Neptune 29 Gem 00
Venus    1 Pis 12               Pluto   16 Gem 48
Mars    26 Aqu 20               Asc      8 Sag 29
Jupiter 29 Cap 26               MC      27 Vir 51

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed
GMT: 08:30:00   Time Zone: 6 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 42 N 19 53 83 W 02 45

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction: 5 Deg 00 Min
Opposition : 5 Deg 00 Min
Square     : 3 Deg 00 Min
Trine      : 3 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    : 1 Deg 30 Min
Midpoints  : 2 Deg 30 Min

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  The analysis of each city begins on the following page.

     After the name of the city, the latitude and longitude of the city is given. For the benefit of astrologers, the "relocated Ascendant and Midheaven" are also given. You can ignore all of this information; what is really important, of course, is the analysis of the city.

     Here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of this report: Whenever you plan a vacation, are going to visit friends, on a business trip, or planning on a place to relocate to, you can refer to the analysis given in this report. Remember also to use all of the information available to you when analyzing a given place. For example, if you hate cold weather, you probably will not enjoy moving to a city near the Arctic Circle! However, you will find that if the astrological influences are positive, there will be some nice experiences to help you through the long winters. In addition to weather, carefully consider the culture, the kind of people, and other issues that may be important to you (crime rate, quality of schools, natural environment, etc). Most places offer a rich variety of possibilities. For example, two people (whom I will call Jack and Jill) may be very similar but Jack may find that he loves Chicago and lots of opportunities come his way, and Jill may have just the opposite experience. The astrological influences for Jack and Jill are probably very different. Also, keep in mind that a good attitude and skillful use of the energies available to you enable you to transform the most difficult challenges into a creative solution rather than become a frustrating and limiting situation. It is up to you to find creative solutions to the challenges that you face.

     Note that an accurate birth time is required for this report to be accurate. Also, you may wonder if an astrological influence will still be in effect if you are 15 miles or 30 miles from any given city. The answer is yes. The influences described in this report extend in across a region that varies from about 100 miles to 350 miles. It is safe to say that the influence will extend 50 miles (sometimes more) from the city. An astrologer can help you pinpoint areas of strongest influence as well as analyze additional factors at work in a given location.

     Finally, you may be asking yourself, "I wonder if this report really works?". We are convinced that it does. The astrological techniques used in this report have been used by hundreds of astrologers on thousands of people and there is very strong evidence that the techniques to do work. Still, astrology is extremely controversial and the techniques used here have not been proven scientifically so we cannot guarantee that the methods do work.

1: LONDON, ENGLAND           51N30  0W10   8 PI 42   21 SA 38

MC Conj Uranus    (Orb:1 Deg 27 Min)

     While you are at this location you will find an overwhelming need to do things your own way and will resist the need to fit into the mold of life that everyone fits into very nicely. You will not like the traditional way of doing things and can always find an argument with people in authority without having to look very hard because of your rebellious and headstrong ways.

     Your nervous constitution will cause some worries to enter your life because you need to be an individual, and unique in his/her ways. You are a true humanitarian who goes out of his/her way to help others and technological or scientific subjects will be areas you can excel in because of your inventive and creative mind. Please understand that your projects may take people by surprise as well because they are sure to be very "different".

     You can expect to change your job and your residence quite frequently while you are here or find a desire to at least. It would be best to be self employed so you don't have to answer to anyone else and also because you have a real problem taking orders from anybody else. You are sure to have a very exciting but unstable life in this location and sudden and unexpected turns of events will find you. Sudden changes in your life direction should be a normal day in this location. There will be a strong urge to break free from the bonds of the past here.

MC=Moon/Uranus    (Orb:1 Deg 24 Min)

     Your cool, calm and collected self will be a little bit unglued in this location and your responses to others will be somewhat impatient and intolerable. There will be an increase in upsets and emotional responses to others as well. If you are looking for a place to fall into a 9-5 routine, you have chosen the WRONG place.

     Your desire for freedom and your need to be uninhibited in your reactions to the world around you can have you doing some pretty "odd" and strange things here.

     Should you be living here with your family, expect domestic upheavals a good amount of the time. You will be more detached, erratic and restless but on the positive side much more intuitive and perceptive.

     You might notice some changes in your eyesight in this location for better or worse, an increase in stressful family situations or upsets of the stomach.

MC=Neptune/Pluto    (Orb:1 Deg 15 Min)

     Here you will have a natural curiosity about everything, and the mystical inclinations to match. You will be in contact with people, places and things that most people cannot imagine and there are sure to be some very strange and powerful supernatural experiences as long as you are here. You will be very sensitive to your surroundings and perceptive to your environment.

     Your creative abilities are multiplied 10 fold here, and you can make some very important breakthroughs in music or art that leave reality in a different state of suspension, as you venture into areas in unseen realms for inspiration. A truly magical place awaits you here.

     On the negative side there can be the use of drugs or alcohol to escape the realities of life to spend more time in this mystical aura that surrounds you here, relinquishing your responsibilities to others in the process. There can also be strong reactions to drugs experienced here and changes in appearance due to a lack of caring can occur.

MC Conj Moon    (Orb:4 Deg 16 Min)

     While you are in this location you will find a lot of popularity but your exposure to the public will make your life an open book for all to see. It will be impossible to be invisible to the public eye or remain anonymous because everything that you do is noticed, right down to the smallest detail. There will be an increased need to be with people here and you may work for the public in some way, and have an innate knowledge of the needs of the people which can be used to further your success. Even the boss will make you feel as though you are one of the family. You will find that women are very a very positive influence on you and your home life will take on a greater importance. A greater emphasis will be placed on matters of security which form a stable foundation for you.

     You may embark on careers that tend to the needs of the sick or disadvantaged and find that you have a strong urge to belong to a group of people and be accepted by them. Careers that can be supported in this location are providing food services, shelters for the homeless or coordinating clothing drives. Businesses that support sales will be fortunate here as well. If you have a wish to further your maternal instincts through working with children or having children of your own, then this is the place

     In this location you will experience strong emotions, be impressionable and changeable in your surroundings with an added touch of romance for good measure. You can also experience irritability, but a greater compassion, support and sympathy for others. If you have a strong need to stay detached from others, you had better start looking elsewhere, because that will be extremely difficult to do.

MC Opposition Pluto    (Orb:4 Deg 51 Min)

     While you are here you are apt to be more obsessive about your privacy, finding a greater need to be alone and find a secure place to dwell. Real estate and investment matters are sure to face some very unusual and unexpected turns in events, so use caution when considering buying, selling and renting.

     If you were a child growing up here or spent a great deal of time in this location, you may have felt controlled, dominated or manipulated by authority or parental figures.

     On the other hand while you are here you can actually make over your entire personality, emerging as someone brand new or change your name. Your life is sure to go through a lot of stress, confusion, suffering and upheaval and you can gain a great deal of wisdom through this adversity through spiritual awareness. On a more positive note, old bad habits, parental programming and attachments with others can cause a wonderful new person to emerge through the adversity encountered here.

     You can face some threatening situations while you are here, and caution is advised for your well being. Be careful not to dominate, manipulate and control others for your own motives.

2: LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA   34N03'08" 118W14'34"   14 SC 04   20 LE 25

MC Trine Uranus    (Orb:0 Deg 14 Min)

     While you are here you will find that you have acquired some new and special ideas that can be of valuable benefit to mankind. These ideas will be very unique and unusual, and you will develop a "belief" system that is different as well. You will not want to be tied down to a specific way of life and will feel uncomfortable acquiring or accumulating material possessions.

     In this location you will find that true security does not exist and you will choose to follow your own path in life which will prove to be much different than what is considered normal. You will find it interesting that while you are here you will have less of a hassle with the powers that be in your immediate community or personal circumstances.

     Your independence will be very important to you here, but in a subtle way so that you don't rock other peoples boat in the process. Your creativity and genius is stimulated, and people will look in amazement at your accomplishments, as will you.

     You will also find that the art of patience is something that is very difficult to acquire while here, as you dwell in the eternal "I need it, now!" syndrome, somehow never being able to wait for things to manifest in their own sweet time. Excitement finds it's peak in this location, and a cool brisk morning and a hot cup of coffee can send you on a new adventure at any time. Your mind, body and being need constant stimulation, and you will search far and wide for such an experience, and then again it can easily find you!

     Any sort of routine will drive you crazy, so don't expect to fit in the "mold" that other people do. Here you need complete freedom to be your own person, and 9-5 workdays don't exist except in the lives of others. Here your visions are of the future and what you can contribute to the world around you, perhaps as a repayment for all of the wonders that have been bestowed on you in the past. New technologies, astrological theories or new age subjects, science and computers will be fascinating areas for you to dwell in.

     When it comes to matters of "pure" humanitarian acts, this is the place to find it, as you go out of your way to provide for others in any small or large way that you can. You will find that you would rather do anything anonymously, rather than draw attention to yourself, perhaps leaving packages for others in the dead of night with no explanation.

     You will find it very easy to make friends here while choosing to keep your distance at the same time. A rather detached friendship with people, choosing to be your own person with no strings attached. People will sense this about you, and be sympathetic to your needs, and respect your need for privacy. Politics or social work are other areas that would be greatly beneficial to you here. Sudden opportunities can arise for you, and you may find that you may have to take some risks to reap the rewards for your efforts.

     While you are here you will have a very unsettled feeling, nothing negative, but a feeling that someday, someone will tell you that your current circumstances was just a joke and now it's time to move on for one reason or another. That comfortable, homey security doesn't exist for you here.

     This is an excellent place to make changes and improvements to your home or property, and those changes will come about very swiftly and without much forethought.

Asc Square Sun    (Orb:0 Deg 33 Min)

     While you are in this location there can be some powerful confrontations with people in authority over you. Remember that you aren't always right in every issue, and this is a primary danger here, to think you know it all. The ego gets a boost of negative energy because you will only see your own point of view, which will continually cause grief for you. It would be best to work at a job where you are the boss of yourself, because you prefer to do things your own way, right or wrong. People will see you as a person who wants to be the motivating force of his/her own life, but a bit too selfish and overly aggressive, pushing way too hard. You have an added sense of arrogance while you are in this location with a tinge of conceit, and an ego that stands in your way of growth and accomplishments.

     Be careful of continually bragging about your accomplishments here, it will cause people to keep their distance from you.

Asc Sesquiquadrate Neptune    (Orb:0 Deg 04 Min)

     There will be an increased need to keep honesty in all situations to prevent misunderstandings in this location. Scandals will be easy to find that undermine your reputation, and you will find people that don't take a liking to your motives, no matter how sincere they are. Here you will tend to exaggerate everything, and facts will become clouded in illusion and confusion. There will be an increase in distrust for others and your suspicious and paranoid tendencies will begin to emerge. There is a possibility of imprisonment or run ins with the law in this area, so honesty must be adhered to.

     Your perceptions of your environment will be very fuzzy and clouded while you are here and it would be best to refrain from the use of any drugs or alcohol that will only confuse an already obscure situation. Friends and associates can be deceptive, and at some point you will feel betrayed in some way by them or involving yourself in dishonest or fraudulent dealings. Your need for escapism will be heightened in this area and there will be a noticeable moodiness and temperamental behavior. You may wind up on the roles of welfare or public assistance of some kind in this area, while you spend most of your time watching television, watching movies or remaining in your own fantasy world, never being quite able to find reality. You can be very vulnerable, gullible and unrealistic in your hopes and dreams, and daily affairs will be very clouded as well.

     In case you haven't guessed it by now, this isn't the area for any form of business or contract negotiations, as the tendency for deceptions is very high, and you will choose to withdraw from people rather than be involved with them. Psychic experiences at this location are sure to be disturbing or at least disruptive, and unexplainable and mysterious circumstances will enter your life. On the positive side, you will see an increased ability to create artistic designs because of your fertile imagination.

MC=Sun/Mars    (Orb:0 Deg 03 Min)

     While you are here you will notice a dramatic increase in your energy levels and experience a greater self confidence, perhaps to the point of being overbearing or arrogant. There will be an increase in your competitive nature, perhaps taking some bold risks.

     You will also notice a reckless and impulsive nature, taking chances where even angels fear to tread. You will be totally impatient with others, and your combative and temperamental side will emerge, ready to do battle, with or without a cause. Should you have a physical confrontation with someone here, you will have the endurance and stamina to see you through it, and then some, so use caution please.

     There will also be an intolerance for people in authority, making them very unhappy at the same time. In all situations you will have a flair for dramatic interpretations, and at times will go out of your way to defy people. On the other hand you may aggravate people on purpose, just to be a bully!

     If you use this energy effectively, you can make some very profound differences in your physique, excel at sports or get into some serious body building providing you don't overdo it and injure yourself, which goes with this locale as well.

MC Quincunx Saturn    (Orb:1 Deg 17 Min)

     If you choose to live in this location, then you will find that in time your domestic life becomes quite "cool" and formal in structure. There will be a great need to be the boss of any situation and can demand admiration and appreciation from everyone around you. If you live here with your parents you will feel a real distancing in the relationship take place and every day there seems to be more and more problems that arise to contend with.

     Your childhood in this location was probably filled with frustrations and unhappiness finding that you had to be in a subordinate position to your parents and live up to their expectations and standards. If you stay in this location after your childhood, your obligations to people in your past can become like your own prison that never allows room for parole, but at the same time allows a strong base from which to operate. Matters of investing and real estate should be approached very carefully, and can provide long term gain with hard work and the responsibilities to go along with it.

     In this location there can be a real conflict in professional matters or domestic affairs and you can easily feel isolated, unloved and lonely. You will need a lot of support emotionally from others along with encouragement to see you through the low periods. You can easily become a recluse here shunning contacts with others. Your new values in this location will be an orderly existence along with neatness and organization. Any items that you purchase here will be for practical reasons leaving little room for any small luxuries at all.

MC=Sun/Venus    (Orb:2 Deg 29 Min)

     In this location your creative abilities get a boost, and there is also an increase in caring for others in a warm and affectionate way. Love and feelings of love increase as well, and the expression that results can be turned into artistic endeavors. Your social life as well as developing and enjoying friendships are harmonious and very much compatible with your new environment.

     You can easily meet someone new, or be drawn to someone because of your charming personality. The very best side of your self comes out in this location for everyone to see, and people will gladly respond to you the same way. There will also be a noticeable increase in your courtesy towards others as well as gestures of true kindness which will bring some very warm and meaningful moments to you.

     While you are in this location you will have a greater appreciation for all people and things that come into your life, and your reactions will be very sincere and honorable. You will go out of your way to cooperate with people and act in a very refined way.

     There will also be an increase in "playful" activity with others, enjoying some very special moments. You will also notice an increased appreciation for art and all forms of beauty as well.

     This is an auspicious location for sincerity in relationships, explaining exactly what your needs and expectations are in a non threatening, honest way, expecting the love you share with others to be returned in the same way.

     Drinking large amounts of water will be therapeutic for bodily functions and keep your kidneys happy in this location.

3: SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA         33S52  151E13   6 LE 52   24 TA 39

MC Square Mars    (Orb:1 Deg 41 Min)

     While you are around this location you will find that more confrontations will occur with others and the home front will be void of harmony. Your over aggressive nature and combative attitude will fall in disfavor with people in authority over you. You can be very impulsive, compulsive and rash in behavior and can experience accidents in and around the home.

     While you are here you will need an increase of "your own space" so that you can do your own thing, and explore the world around you. Should the need come up, you will be only too willing to rough it to brings some adventure into your life. There can be an overbearing and harsh manner around the domestic front in this location and you may feel you have to rule others with a fist of iron, often refusing to compromise the slightest.

     This is an excellent place for home repairs or doing physical work, because you need to replace the old, with the new. There will also be a constant need to better yourself in all areas here. There can also be arguments over what belongs to whom, and family matters will be somewhat explosive to say the least. Remember that if you experience more accidents than usual here, the universe may be trying to tell you to lighten up, or you'll get hurt if you don't.

Asc=Sun/Jupiter    (Orb:0 Deg 10 Min)

     While you are here your generous nature comes out for all to see. Your self expression manifests itself in very positive ways and in an open manner, and you can enjoy some really memorable social times spent with others.

     Your happiness can affect everyone around you in a positive way, even become contagious here. Your outlook on life is very animated and you can achieve a greater success in life by working with others in a "team" effort. You will notice and pay careful attention to the motives of others, seeming to know what they are doing even before they do it. In this location people can provide the assistance you need to help you reach your goals.

     Your vitality and ability to influence others is high, and you can encourage others to be their very best as well. Your judgment is excellent here, and you can develop your own philosophy of life that rubs off in positive ways on the people around you.

     Here you may decide to delve deeply into the mysteries of life, become more of a spiritual or religious person, or be a leader in one of these areas. There can be some very lucky breaks that come to you here, but one negative point to take to heart is don't be so optimistic in your life that failure cannot occur. When you start to feel somehow superior to others, then a downfall can easily occur.

     Relationships should be happy here, and this configuration supports getting you through the tough times. There are feelings of joy and excitement when you are around others, and they will feel the same about you. You will also enjoy being with good friends, sharing good times together.

MC Trine Saturn    (Orb:2 Deg 56 Min)

     Whether you visit or live in this area, you will begin to see that any goals that you have set for yourself are much easier to reach. You will work very hard for what you want, and not be concerned about how many hours a day it takes to realize those goals. Your rise to the top will not be an overnight success, but one that makes slow and steady progress until what you desire manifests itself.

     Your reliability and dependability will be an asset for any boss, but you must be careful not to be a workaholic. You will carefully organize your life and your tasks here and you love the orderly nature of the daily grind, but will not take changes in routines lightly.

     Your friends and associates will be serious and mature, just as yourself, and you will have little time for people who are not there for the same purpose as you are. You will find that you work in a slow and determined manner and negatively you will find only a handful of people that match your expectations.

     While you are here you will prefer to remain in the background, letting others be the center of attention. For you life is not a competition, and you aren't trying to be Mr. Popularity. Instead your aspirations are quite serious, your intentions are honest, and your responsibilities always come first. Your working conditions in most cases will require that you work alone, as you won't want to be with others. In business matters remember to do business with well established firms instead of dealing with new companies and untried methods.

MC Quincunx Moon    (Orb:1 Deg 15 Min)

     You will find that while you are in this area it is an excellent place to put down roots, a place where you can truly belong. You will notice that your emotions and feelings run clear to the bone and because of this your need for isolation, seclusion and privacy will be stronger than at other places. If you are a creative person then this will be an ideal location because your imagination is in "over drive". The down side to this energy is the imagining of good and bad influences, rather than stable input.

     Your hunches will be right on target and your psychic abilities will be very strong as well. Because of the somewhat "unsettled" emotional state, you will become more fidgety than normal, with a constant need to be on the move or make changes in the home.

     Professional matters will not work out well here, because your mind is on emotional matters and expression (unless that is your line of work!). Since you will want to stay close to the home environment, perhaps you will consider putting an office in your home so you can be close to others. You may find that people come to you for advice and your compassionate attitude will draw people to you, and you can take on the role of an authority figure for others or become involved in taking care of others, seeing to their welfare and well being. You will be extremely drawn, attracted and bound to others emotionally in this location and should you have to leave, you will be sure to "hurry" home to people you love and care about. This place can be your sanctuary, a place where you will feel safe.

Asc=Mars/Saturn    (Orb:2 Deg 10 Min)

     Advancement will come only through great efforts and obstacles in this location, and your health can be somewhat sensitive as well. Your actions and anger will be more inhibited, and frustrations will be evident. Your energies will be focused on hard work with very little else on your mind. Work will be done silently and alone rather than including others, so if you are into or need a very disciplined lifestyle, then this is the place for you.

     You can expect some hard reactions from people here, at the same time feeling a real restlessness. This position is wonderful for working on the same monotonous work day after day after day if that is what you want to do.

     This is also a favorable place if you need to be more disciplined in your physical training or sports activities.

4: JOHANNESBURG,SOUTH AFRICA 26S15  28E00   17 AR 05   17 CP 36

Asc Sextile Pluto    (Orb:0 Deg 17 Min)

     While you are in this location you can expect to be more serious and intense around others, preferring to be alone by yourself. Be careful of prying or interfering in the affairs of others because of your overwhelming need to remake others or reform them. This is an excellent place for any kind of research or investigations, and while you are here you can become a leader or organizer for a cause.

     Your self confidence will grow as will your strength and vitality here. The force of your will is strong, and people recognize that you are someone to be considered very powerful. It will be easy to draw people to you because of your magnetic personality, and you will strive to get your own way in all matters. Sexual contacts will be very strong and cause you to go through some very deep changes while you are here. Should you have the desire to be an inspiration for others, this is the place, and in this location there is great creative abilities.

     Occult or scientific matters take place in the home in this location. You may experience some strong urges to renovate or change your home in some way as well. While you are here you can have an overwhelming urge to search for the truth and probe the mysteries of life.

Asc SemiSquare Mercury    (Orb:0 Deg 46 Min)

     While you reside in this area you will have some real difficulties in relating to others, having trouble getting your point across, causing misunderstandings and misinterpretations of statements to occur. There will be an abundance of nervous energy and a strong urge to be active at all times. Instead of getting to the heart of issues, there will be an unconscious need to come at it from all angles, never being able to make your point. Gossip and spreading rumors should be avoided at all costs while at this location, and remarks made to others can cause hurt feelings in others around you.

     It is possible to have problems with the language of this area or in patterns of speech, perhaps suffering from stuttering or dyslexia. You will find that your mind processes data so fast that you will have real problems keeping up with it. Be tolerant of other people while you are here because there will be an urge to find fault and be critical. Your judgment will not be at its best, and the possibility of making errors is high.

     You may find that you have problems in transportation in this area, and although the best of intentions are laid, you never seem to get places on time, always suffering some kinds of delays. Your mind will be much more scattered than in other places, so an extra effort to keep the facts straight will have to be made. Businesses that deal with buying and selling and negotiations of all kinds are favored.

Asc SemiSquare Venus    (Orb:0 Deg 53 Min)

     While you are in this location you will find a certain degree of tension in your relationships, and find the social scene unbearable, seeking to remain by yourself. You will take a liking to weird types of people and become increasingly sensitive to remarks made by other people, taking offense at the slightest opinion of others.

     You may find flattering other people gives you an advantage to gain control over them while being intolerant of their needs. Here you will become more inactive, not wanting to do your share of the work. Long term relationships are not favorable here and because of a fear of loneliness, and promiscuous affairs can be an outlet. There is a strong need for pleasures of all kinds with a self indulgent nature. Any talents that you have can go to waste at this location because of "laziness" that is sure to occur here.

     Money will be wasted on useless types of things and the quality of your work on the job will be less than admirable. Because of your passive state of mind here, you will be reluctant to speak out on issues you should, remaining a "victim". On the positive side, this is an excellent place for a vacation or to hang out, but a permanent residence is not supported.

MC SemiSquare Mercury    (Orb:0 Deg 15 Min)

     In this area you will have an increased interest in matters of historical significance, or get caught up in the history and legends of this place. You might decide to research your family tree and see how you fit into the grand scheme of things.

     You will notice that your intuitive and psychic nature begins to emerge here, and the investigative part of yourself comes alive, brimming with questions and curiosities. One danger of this place is that you can get so consumed by your thoughts, that life passes you by. There will be a great fondness for travel and adventure, or you can choose to explore the countryside, hillsides or meadows in search of adventure or two. Consider living in a "house on wheels" of some sort so that on a moments notice you can be on to the next adventure that awaits, just over that hill. You will notice that your sense of pride or patriotism gets jump started here and you will be proud just to be a part of it. There will also be a strong love and desire for enlarging or decorating the home.

     Whether you are here for a day, week or month, make sure you bring along your diary or journal to keep track of your most favorite moments. This is also a great place to take a good look at yourself and get a better picture of who you are. Any reason to start a conversation would be fine, the more personal the better. You may be asked to play the role of an intercessor, helping people coming to terms with their own personal or domestic lives.

MC Quincunx Pluto    (Orb:0 Deg 48 Min)

     While you are here you are apt to be more obsessive about your privacy, finding a greater need to be alone and find a secure place to dwell. Real estate and investment matters are sure to face some very unusual and unexpected turns in events, so use caution when considering buying, selling and renting.

     If you were a child growing up here or spent a great deal of time in this location, you may have felt controlled, dominated or manipulated by authority or parental figures.

     On the other hand while you are here you can actually make over your entire personality, emerging as someone brand new or change your name. Your life is sure to go through a lot of stress, confusion, suffering and upheaval and you can gain a great deal of wisdom through this adversity through spiritual awareness. On a more positive note, old bad habits, parental programming and attachments with others can cause a wonderful new person to emerge through the adversity encountered here.

     You can face some threatening situations while you are here, and caution is advised for your well being. Be careful not to dominate, manipulate and control others for your own motives.

MC=Sun/Uranus    (Orb:0 Deg 12 Min)

     In this area you can expect conditions to occur very quickly and without warning, either positive or negative. You will notice an increase in moodiness and become high strung, and how you appear to others will be more important. There will be an air of restlessness about you, and you will likely suffer from the dissatisfaction that rules and regulations can put on you.

     This is really a very unstable environment bringing some very "odd" events into your life, and you will be much more bold in your expression needing to experiment with life and what it has to offer.

     Creativity and inventive endeavors get a boost however, and you can produce some very positive results along these lines here. Your humanitarian and friendly nature comes alive, and there will be a greater enjoyment being around people but with certain limitations imposed by you. You will however enjoy grabbing all of the attention you can for yourself while keeping free of the mold that shapes others. Because of this independent nature, you might be prone to more stress than at other locations.

     There can be a greater interest in astrological theory or new age subjects in this location.

Asc=Sun/Pluto    (Orb:1 Deg 22 Min)

     If you are looking for a location where you can learn to stick up for yourself then this is the place. You will have an aura of tremendous power that surrounds you here, and changes can be made through exercising your will to make it happen.

     In this location you will find some very strange events that have a fated quality to them, karmic conditions from past lives or situations that seem to be imposed on you no matter what you do or how hard you try to stay away from them. This location will make you go through some very basic yet profound changes, and the people that you meet here can be the catalyst for those changes.

     You will find that you need to be in control of all situations, and an overwhelming urge to ferret out any corruption and remove it from your environment. You will not be easily influenced to change your mind from decisions regarding your life here.

     Once you start something here, you will not be deterred from your quest. Secrets given to you will never be revealed under any circumstances. You may resort to threats from time to time to make your intentions clear in certain situations, and the need for the truth in all circumstances becomes paramount.

MC Conj Saturn    (Orb:4 Deg 07 Min)

     While you are in this location you stand a very good chance of gaining a position of prominence, power and authority. You will not be afraid to make the extra effort and work long hours to bring an eventual success to yourself. You would make an excellent executive, administrator or government official while you are here, or at least a strong interest will be shown in one of these areas. You are more reserved and conservative in your approach to life and because your life is more stable you draw people to you who admire and respect these qualities.

     You are more than willing to let the pleasures of life remain on the sidelines as you execute your need to become secure in your life. In the process you will gain the respect that you so badly need and because of your persistent efforts and self disciplined manner you can go far. But be careful of going too far, because you can become quite tyrannical or a dictator bent on power if things don't go as you have planned. You couldn't care less about the social scene while you are here and its work, work, work that keeps you stimulated.

     People may view you as a person who would rather be alone, and this loneliness can cause some depression from time to time. Be careful of overdoing your need for power, because a fall from grace is also indicated in this location if you are not careful. Instead, make your progress in a slow and steady way for the best chance of success. There will be an increase in responsibilities for you here and you must pay careful attention to what you are doing.

     On the positive side if you are looking for a place where you can get in touch with your destiny, then this is the place. You will find that you can mature very quickly in this place as well through limitations, responsibility and endurance but don't be disillusioned, it will be very arduous job. You will also find that demands from others will be great as well.

MC SemiSquare Venus    (Orb:1 Deg 24 Min)

     If you are looking for a place where harmony and peace can be found, then sit back and relax, you have found it. You will be very concerned with comfort, the good life, luxurious surroundings and an easy lifestyle rather than the hustle and bustle of work. In this location you have a great desire for quiet and find you can unwind from a hard and cruel world in stable and secure surroundings.

     You may find that you have an interest in ancestry and history or choose to look up kin from other times in history. There will be a great need for beautiful surroundings and possessions, and money will easily be spent in their pursuit or acquisition.

     Here is a place where your relations with your family will be warm and treasured, and your relations with your parents can actually become stronger. You will also find that women in general take a much stronger role in your life while you are here. This would be an excellent location for you to buy some land, bring up your children and surround yourself with love. Any excuse to socialize or throw a party are just what the doctor ordered for whatever ails you. This is also an auspicious place to obtain a "green thumb" while working in the garden, become a farmer or start a business that somehow involves your new found creative talents both in and around the home.

5: NEW YORK, NEW YORK        40N42'51" 74W00'23"   16 SA 58   7 LI 41

Asc Opposition Pluto    (Orb:0 Deg 10 Min)

     While you are here, you will have encounters with people that will change your life. There will be some very deep and perhaps overwhelming bonds with people. This is a place of positive change for you, and struggles may come along that are productive in nature. A place where you can be reborn spiritually and the only danger is self righteousness over others. Weight can be put on very easily as well. People that you meet will be very magnetic and there will be a strong bond to them. Relationships can end or be reborn in this area, but one thing is for sure, any hidden areas in your marriage or relationship is sure to come to light.

     You can expect some intense interactions with the public while here that can cause changes in your outlook on the world. Someone that you meet here can be a teacher for you, have healing capabilities or transform your life somehow. People will have to try very hard to understand and reach the level of life that you are on, as you choose to keep people at arms length from yourself.

     You may choose to debate or openly fight with people here, as you try to manipulate others with your intolerant behavior. Feelings seem to change by the day, one day feeling very close to people, and the next staying very distant. Love relationships will be of the love/hate variety, with strong feelings of attraction and repulsion, perhaps at the same time. The more time you spend in this area, those people you have considered enemies can become friends, and those you thought were friends can become enemies. It is extremely important to be honest and above board with all of the people that you meet. You may find that you put people under a magnifying glass here, and have a strong need to know everything about them, no matter how small the details. People will see you as a very penetrating person, who can see things without knowing the circumstances surrounding them. You can also become somewhat hostile at the world around you which can spark confrontations. Loneliness, desperation and a feeling of being a

     You can be very combative with people here, reading to stick up for yourself no matter what the reason. You can also become very competitive at this location, without realizing it. Your sexual needs and nature will increase as well, and it will become apparent very quickly. There will be an increased need to be the power, in control or an authority figure as well.

MC=Jupiter/Pluto    (Orb:0 Deg 26 Min)

     While you are here your life will be much more organized than in other places, and people will take note of these abilities. Since there is such a strong drive to improve areas of your life, you will draw success and recognition to yourself. There can be some disagreements with the powers that be however, as they may feel somehow threatened by your abilities and react in very odd ways.

     Spiritually speaking, this a wonderful place to begin brand new, or make some very deep and profound changes in your thinking. This will be a very powerful but fortunate place for you.

     There can be a strong need to control other people here, but you will keep that need under control through close monitoring of your behavior. This is a wonderful place to use that "power" to help people that are disadvantaged in some way, being of great benefit to them. You can easily work with groups that rehabilitate drug users, caring for the emotionally or mentally handicapped or feeding the homeless.

     In this location you will find that travel, outdoor activities and an adventure or two plays a large part in your life. On the negative side you can pick up some very bad eating habits here.

Asc Conj Uranus    (Orb:3 Deg 13 Min)

     In this location you will be extremely independent in your appearance and communication with others, and the way you come across to others. You can expect to be spontaneous in your actions and unpredictable which can make you very interesting to others, or drive them crazy! The wild and crazy side of your life is accented.

     Relationships will go through a lot of changes, and stability will be non existent. Intimate relationships will change or be altered often, and this is a difficult placement for relationships for that reason. On the other hand you may find a new love here that is quite electric and exciting to say the least. This can be a place where you can break free from the restrictions and obligations placed on you that have held you back from the things you wanted to do with your life.

     Impatience and rebelliousness will be daily routines for you here, and keeping a job will be difficult if it doesn't allow you room to breathe, no matter how secure it is. Changes in your appearance and mannerisms will take place and an interest in parapsychology, computers, new age subjects and astrology will have your attention.

     There will be an increase in living for the moment, a need for adventures, and an increase in nervous tension. Unexpected conditions and reversals or at least ups and downs in situations will require you to stay "loose", make rapid decisions and be spontaneous.

     This is an excellent place to visit or move to if you need your life turned upside down or need new circumstances or input in your life. Should you think you have found a place where you have found stability and security, think again!








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