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‘The King and I’

The Sun sign for an individual is key and central to individuality just as the Sun in our Solar System is central to it. In some sense it is what allows for existence, as, without the Sun, life could not be. (Not here anyway)

Sustaining ourselves, our vitality, is essential and makes all other things secondary. One might argue death is an alternative, and does not mean non-existence. But as individuals in physical bodies on earth, sustaining ourselves is number one!

What sustains you? Look to the Sun sign (house placement, the element; fire, earth, air, water, and key aspects) to find out what it is that truly nourishes your vitality.Leaving all that to natal astrology, and turning to transiting Saturn/Sun aspects, the challenges to our sustenance and identity can be handled with some informed approaches.

People who are experiencing Saturn aspects to their Sun typically are working hard at something. It may be a job, a family, a project, or the mere physical survival of their health. They have to ‘keep on’ when the going gets tough and there is seemingly no break over a long period of time. Because of the stress, or weight of it all, they can be tired, need more rest, and become depleted of nutrients, especially minerals, and jeopardize bones. Saturn, ruling the skeletal system, can correspond to the weaingr down of the teeth, the skin, and the hair. A person may wonder if they are strong enough to endure. They may look for an authority to help, “Daddy, please!” as they try to stand up straight on their own two feet


The ‘long, slow, hardening’ quality of Saturn’s influence can be likened to the long slow process of rock, diamond, or coal formation. The result is something defined, dense, solid. Likewise the process of Saturn aspects on a person’s Sun is formative. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” is a saying that may have come from appreciating a Sun/Saturn observation. On a more positive note, the mere relentlessness and duration (Saturn moves slowly) of Saturn helps to bring about the rewards of consistent endeavor. Also because Saturn can ‘block’ normal escape routes, often the lesson learned may be one a person had no idea needed learning! But just as diamond achieves definition and refinement in the formative process of Saturn, some human identity and ego formation are achieved in this process. One’s nature gets ‘refined’. A person becomes ‘accomplished’, or ‘credited’, can become their own parent force, or authority, achieve a cherished goal, or learn and important value by enduring a health challenge or experiencing a loss.


If you are aware of a ‘hard’ Saturn transit to your Sun, it is wise to fortify your immune system, to avoid overtaxing your strength, as your physical being may be more vulnerable than usual. You may be naturally more inhibited, pessimistic, serious, or discouraged so taking steps to surround yourself with positive and uplifting people, environment, and affirmations can help balance any negativity. You may feel more serious, and feel, look and act, old. This will pass as Saturn passes. There may be more solitude and less help available from others and a new found simplicity may emerge.

Positively, this can be a time of determination, persistence, and perseverance with the ability to become completely absorbed, and dedicated, to a project or goal. The suffering that may be experienced can come from resistance to the goal, or ignorance of the goal and the duration involved. In this case a person may keep expecting, hoping, and wanting something different, thereby bringing the suffering. Also a belief that one is not adequate - ‘can’t do it’ brings great distress to something that ‘has’ to be done.  It is possible with the knowledge of Saturn’s position, sign, and relation to the birth Sun, plus the time of its movement to not only define and get clarity about the goal, block, and obstacles, but also take advantage of the of the determination and perseverance this process can provide.

The King and I‘  Who is the King? Who am I?’

It has been said that Saturn tells us what we ‘must’ do, or where we feel lacking, in ourselves. For this reason it is helpful to look at one’s birth Saturn to understand more about Saturn/Sun contacts. For instance, a person with Saturn in Leo may feel a lack of importance, along with needing to learn humility. Learning may mean concluding, “Maybe I am just as important – or unimportant, as anyone else’ and at the same time, accepting that they feel lacking in things that make them special, or unique. So a Saturn aspect to this Sun may be the opportunity to drop false pride, self pity, and work toward some kind of creative self expression (Leo). The Sun is the King (when fulfilled), and Saturn plays the role of the disciplinarian for the false ego (the 'I"), providing honest truths to what we really are now and what we feel we must become.




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