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IN GENERAL The 12 signs and 2020 aspects


If you are Capricorn, or have Capricorn rising or Moon, your challenges can be quite intense, even physical; your body, your health. Also, for signs Cancer, Libra, and Aries, challenges are very personal to your being. For Sagittarians, you finance takes focus and skill. For Aquarians the focus is on inner life, inner secrets, the challenges and questions there and the need to answer them. For Pisceans the focus is on career and the need to meet the requirements there. For Taureans there may be intellectual tests or challenges, or a crisis in belief to face. For Librans home life can be intense, demanding, and compelling. Scorpiosmay have a new community awareness that is both inviting and challenging. For Aries, career definition demands attention, strength, and courage. Geminis may be dealing with complicated financial dealings that are not easy, but important, including sales, investments, insurance, etc. Leos might need some health check ups and need to attend to any physical problems.


(Keep in mind that your chart involves many many factors besides your sun sign and you may not find this over generalization applies to you. Consider your moon, rising sign, and other planetary positions)


How can I tell where my transits are?


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Astrology is akin to the art of Sacred Geometry. It teaches us that our emotions and our ‘drama’ are connected to higher dimensions, namely the 6th dimension. Geometric planetary patterns hold a key to conflict resolution and emotional alignment with our more perfect (divine) selves.




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