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T- Square with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto

November 2009 - March 2015


The synchronicity of the heavens to what lies below, here, on earth, is a gift given full of wisdom. Yet each configuration of planets, like each situation on earth, is new – like never before. That is why astrological predictions are always arbitrary – they always involve an element of guess work!

Yet the configurations for our present day leave some things as certainties. An amazing ‘T-square’ (two planets at 180 degrees angle from each other and a third planet at a 90 degree angle to both) is into formation now. These planets were last in such dramatic alignment (though with some differences) from 1964-1968. The preceding similar configuration before that was between 1929-1933 (but lasted in influence in part throughout the 30’s)

Great polarized tensions combined with power struggles and reactionary responses contribute to greatly accelerate cultural change now. These past periods (30’s & 60’s) attest to the power, challenge and transformative nature of these forces. The combination imposes upon humanity to expand its ability to creatively resolve intensely opposing forces.

The microcosmic perspective contributes to the outcomes of the macrocosm. How we, as individuals, handle our own tensions, fears, and powers, contributes to how collective resolution of differences will go.

Of major consideration now is the Uranus/Pluto square in this configuration, which will be in place until 2020. Cultural developments can resemble that of the 60’s – but with different players. What is the same is the intense impulse for radical social change, cultural creativity, rapid developments in technology, scientific advancement, powerful revolutionary, progressive reformations, ecology and nature consciousness, just to name a few. We should also see changes in the global balance of power. It is as if we, as a species, are infused with an intense ‘will to power’ (for yay or nay) and at the same time, with an incredible acceleration of human experience.

Typically we have wars with these combos, but we already have that! The reason this combination of energies is dangerous is because humanity, to date, has not grown in consciousness past its tendency to project the dark and fearful onto one another, which leads to the promotion of separateness, hence war, strife, and disrespect for another’s ‘person and property’. Earthquakes (often synchronous with Saturn/Pluto aspects) can be seen as the earth’s response to lack of respect for the ‘person and property’ of the earth itself. All is connected.

Each of us contributes in our own way by projecting onto family, friends, community, and the world. When projection leads to stereotyping by race, religion, or nationality rather than individual merit, this suggests one’s own inability to see themselves beyond their own race, religion, and nationality – to see their own individual merit – to ‘be their own person’.

To take the most destructive combination of planets, Saturn and Pluto, especially with the added ingredient of Uranus to a higher level, there needs to be creative ways to bring about the constructive use of our power for needed change.

Crucial here is the recognition that we are getting back what we have put in. From there, without self blame, taking steps to recognize our weaknesses and taking steps to correct them.

Saturn and Uranus have been in opposition since November 2008 (read more) and remain throughout most of 2010. Pluto is now in the picture and made the first exact square with Saturn on 11/15/09, then again on 1/31/10. Uranus and Pluto, though now within orb of influence, make their exact squares on 6/24/12, 9/12/12, then 5 more squares, the last one being on 3/16/15.

By Jesie Len Gallagher


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